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Step One

Break up the trozen mince (easiest whilst it’s still sealed in the bag; I throw it onto the floor a few times!.....or use a rolling pin). If you thaw it, use cold water in Step 3.


Step Two

Put the mince in a mixing bowl. You'll be mixing with a food mixer, such as a Kenwood Chef on low speed, or just using spoons.

What Type of Mince?

Step Three

Add the first set of water: hot and mix into the frozen mince. If the mince is already thawed, use very cold water, not hot.

Step Four

Mix the cumin, black pepper, veg stock cube (broken up), oregano, chilli, paprika and methylcellulose together in a small cup and sprinkle half of it over the mince. Mix for ½ minute. Add the remainder of seasoning mix and mix for 1 minute.  

Step Five

Add the second set of water, this time always very cold (not ice), plus the soy sauce and tomato puree and mix in.


Step Six

Add olive oil (or other vegetable source oil) and mix in.       

mince plus seasoning.JPG
form with a spoon.JPG
cooked burger .JPG

Step Seven

Make into approximately 80g sized burgers using either a tablespoon or a metal ring (I use the one for fancy fried eggs). If using a spoon, shape them in the pan using a frying slice.


You can this push down on them to give ridges on the surface, like you would get with a griddle pan. If using a ring, press firmly and smooth the surfaces, shake or press the burger out gently and into the pan.

form with a ring.JPG
plus tomato puree.JPG

If you allow the burgers to cool, you can fry, microwave or barbecue to reheat them.... they will lose to a little water when reheated. The cooked burgers can be frozen or kept in a fridge for up to two days.

Hot or Cold Water?

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